Selected Publications:

1: co-first author; *: coresponding author


  • Y. Xie1, P. Ou1, X. Wang1, Z. Xu, Y. C. Li, Z. Wang, J. E. Huang, J. Wicks, C. McCallum, N. Wang, Y. Wang, T. Chen, T. B. Lo, D. Sinton, J. C. Yu, Y. Wang*, E. H. Sargent*, “High Carbon Utilization in CO2 Electrolysis to Multi-Carbon Products in Acidic Media”, Nat. Catal., accepted



  • X. Wang, Z. Wang, F. Pelayo Garcia de Arquer, C. T. Dinh, A. Ozden, Y. C. Li, D. H. Nam, J. Li, Y. S. Liu, J. Wicks, Z. Chen, M. Chi, B. Chen, Y. Wang, J. Tam, J. Y. Howe, A. Proppe, P. Todorovic, F. Li, T. T. Zhuang, C. M. Gabardo, A. R. Kirmani, C. McCallum, S. F. Hung, Y. Lum, M. Luo, Y. Min, A. Xu, C. P. O’brien, B. Stephen, B. Sun, A. H. Ip, L. J. Richter, S. O. Kelley, D. Sinton, E. H. Sargent*, “Efficient electrically powered CO2-to-ethanol via suppression of deoxygenation“, Nat. Energy, 2020, 5, 478


Before 2019

Book Chapters:

  • Y. Wang, Z. Xu, “Electrochemistry of Gold Nanoparticles: Electro-Oxidation, Electro-Synthesis and Electrochemical Applications”, New Developments in Gold Nanomaterials Research, Nova Science Pub Inc, 2016