Ying gave an invited talk at " The 20th National Electrochemistry Meeting"

Ying was invited to give a talk, "Understand Electrocatalysis: Activity, Selectivity and System", at the "20th National Electrochemistry Meeting". Thanks for the invitation!

2019/09/21 Welcome Qinglan!

Welcome Qinglan to join the group as a postdoctoral research fellow!

Warmest welcome to our first year Ph.D students!

Ying officially started at CUHK at July 8th 2019

Yes! We are finally here! Check out the beautiful campus of CUHK! Are you ready to join us to make this green campus greener and to make a greener future?

Ying gave an invited talk at "2019SEMDC”(中国化学会2019能源材料与缺陷化学学术研讨会)

Ying was invited to give a talk about Electrocatalytic CO2 conversion at the "2019 SEMDC" at Changsha, Hunan at 18th-20th June, 2019. Thanks for the kind invitation!​