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Current Team

Principal Investigator

Prof. Ying Wang
Science Center South Block 359
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Tel    : (852) 3943 3586

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Liangpang Xu
(Co-Supervised with Prof. Jimmy Yu)
Ph.D. CUHK (2022)

Research Interests: Photocatalysis

Dr. Qian Lu

Ph.D. Nanjing Tech University (2021)

Research Interests: Water Electrolysis

Dr. Yi Xie

Ph.D. CUHK (2023)

Research Interests: BPM CO2RR

Dr. Zhipeng Xie
(Co-Supervised with Prof. Jimmy Yu)
Ph.D. Fuzhou University (2024)

Research Interests: Ethylene oxidation

About you: Love Science!

Previous experiences in electrochemistry and/or electrochemical engineering are required.

Graduate Students

Mr. Zhanyou Xu
(Ph.D Candidate)
B. Sc. Sun Yat-sen University (2020)

Research Interests: Scale-up of Electrochemical Reactors

Mr. Weixing Wu
(Ph.D Candidate)
B. Sc. Sun Yat-sen University (2021)

Research Interests: Electrode Process and Electrochemical Modelling

Mr. Zhongshuo ZHANG
(Ph.D Candidate)
B. Sc. Soochow University (2021)

Research Interests: Electrochemical Synthesis

Mr. Xinyuan Chai
(Ph.D/M.Phil Student)
B. Sc. Nankai University (2023)

Research Interests: Electrolyzers

Ms. Hui Wang
(Ph.D/M.Phil Student)
M. Sc. Tianjin University (2023)

Research Interests: Heat Management in Electrolysis

About you: Love Science and Technology!

Previous experience in electrochemistry is preferred.


Mr. Minxin Gou
Department of Chemistry, CUHK

Research Interests: Getting to Know Electrochemistry

Associate Members

Gin Tay

Interests: Hiking (any outdoor activities)

Tonic Wang

Interests: All the Snacks

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Double Zheng

Interests: Hiking and Food!

2015                            D.Phil.                                  Oxford University
2011                            M.Sc.                                   University of Warwick
2010                            B.Eng.                                  Wuhan Institute of Technology
Professional Appointments:
2019 – Present          Assistant Professor         Chinese University of Hong Kong
2018 – 2019               Postdoc                              University of Toronto
2015 – 2018               Postdoc                              University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2014 – 2015               Research Assistant          Nanyang Technological University
  • Committee Member of Women Chemists, Chinese Chemical Society (CCS)
  • Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Electrochemistry
  • Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Chemical Physics
  • Member of Editorial Advisory Board of Energy & Fuels
  • Member of the Early Career Editorial Board for Chinese Chemical Letters
  • Member of the Early Career Editorial Board for Transactions of Tianjin University
  • CHEM 1070, CHEM 2400 and CHEM 5785
Selective Awards:
  • Young Researcher Award, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cheung Research Excellence Award, United College, CUHK
  • Excellent Young Scientists (Hong Kong and Macao), NSFC
  • “Innovators under 35” Asia Pacific, MIT Technology Reviews
About me: Grew up in Hunan province in China, I was attracted to renewable energy ever since I was a kid. After completing my undergraduate studies, I embarked on a research journey in England. This led me to pursue a D.Phil degree under the guidance of Prof. Richard G. Compton at Oxford University, where I focused on electrode kinetics and deepened my interest in electrochemistry. My research path then led me to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I had the chance to work shoulder-to-shoulder with Prof. Thomas J. Meyer on CO2 conversion. It was a thrilling time as I immersed myself in the world of molecular and heterogeneous catalysts for CO2 (photo)electrocatalysis. It was also during this period that I stumbled upon the intriguing world of Proton Coupled Electron Transfer (PCET) and started unravelling the complexities of the electrode-solution interface at a molecular level. Before I became part of the CUHK family, I had the honour of being a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Toronto, under the guidance of Prof. Edward H. Sargent. This stint gave me a peek into how laboratory technologies can be applied in the real world. Outside lab, I dream of completing a full marathon. Right now, that dream is still in the “research proposal (not submitted)” stage. When I need a break from it all, you’ll find me hiking with my dogs during the weekends, which always helps to recharge my batteries.