The Group!

Principal Investigator

Prof. Ying Wang
Science Center South Block 359
Tel    : (852)3943 3586

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Current Group Members

Dr. Liangpang Xu
(Co-Supervised with Prof. Jimmy Yu)
Ph.D. CUHK (2022)

Research Interests: Photocatalysis

Ms. Yi Xie

B. Eng. Sun Yat-sen University (2019)

Research Interests: Electrolyzer Design

Mr. Zhanyou Xu

B. Sc. Sun Yat-sen University (2020)

Research Interests: Scale-up of CO2RR

Mr. Wangzu Li
B. Sc. Lanzhou University (2021)

Research Interests: OER and ORR

Mr. Weixing Wu
B. Sc. Sun Yat-sen University (2021)

Research Interests: Electrode Kinetics

Mr. Zhongshuo ZHANG
B. Sc. Soochow University (2021)

Research Interests: Electrode Process

Mr. Zhi Zhao
B. Sc. Beijing Jiaotong University/University of Waterloo (2022)

Research Interests: Electrochemical System

Ms. Jiping Sun
(Visiting student, CSU)
B. Eng. Central South University(2021)

Research Interests: Design of Gas Diffusional Electrode

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Associate Members

Gin Tay

Interests: Hiking (any outdoor activities)

Tonic Wang

Interests: All the snacks


Mr. Xu Zheng ( Junior Research Assistant, 2020-2021 )

Mr. Wenbo Sui ( M.Phil, 2020-2022 )

Dr. Luo Yu (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2021-2022, Current Position: Professor at )

2019 – Present     Assistant Professor   Chinese University of Hong Kong
2018 – 2019          Postdoc                        University of Toronto
2016 – 2018          Postdoc                        University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2014 – 2015          Research Assistant    Nanyang Technological University
2015                      D.Phil.                            Oxford University
                                                                      Supervisor: Prof. Richard G. Compton
2011                      M.Sc.                             University of Warwick
2010                      B.Eng.                            Wuhan Institute of Technology
Professional Appointments:
  • Member of Early Career Editorial Board for Chinese Chemical Letters
  • Member of Early Career Editorial Board for Transactions of Tianjin University
About me: Grew up in Hunan province in China, I was attracted to renewable energy ever since I was a kid. After my undergraduate studies, I left for England to start my journey as a researcher.  I obtained my D.Phil degree in Physical Chemistry/Electrochemistry at Oxford University with Prof. Richard Compton. My Ph. D research focused at the kinetic studies of electron transfer process. This was the time I developed my deep interest for electrochemistry. I then explored catalyst design at the Nanyang Technological University with Prof. Zhichuan Xu. During which, I realized the importance of electrode kinetics and started my postdoc research with Prof. Thomas J. Meyer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During my stay at UNC, I had wide exposure to both molecular catalysts and heterogeneous catalysts for (photo)electrocatalysis of CO2. It was also the time I got to know the theory of the Proton Coupled Electron Transfer Process (PCET) and started to explore the mystery of electrode interface at a molecular level. Before joining CUHK, I was a postdoc research fellow with Prof. Edward H. Sargent at the University of Toronto. It was this experience showing me how we can transfer technologies from the lab to the real world. Outside the lab, one of my dreams is to complete a full marathon although it is not thermodynamically and kinetically favorable to me.